Jclouds jquery is mostly use for the background effect of you web pages it is easy to install in you webpage just add jcloud jquery in your webpages and show cloud effect in your webpage.

you just need to pass a jquery selector and call the plugin so you can get effect of the cloud in your webpage.

How To Use Jcloud Jquery?

You have just add jqlouds jquery in youe head section.

You can generate multiple clouds on the same page, using below jquery code

Number of clouds Show

  minClouds: 5,
  maxClouds: 10

Maximum clouds' size

  maxWidth: 113,
  maxHeight: 48,

Customize the cloud

  src: 'path/to/image.png',


  wind: true


options = {
  src: 'images/cloud.png', // path to image, the default is a base64 (you can see the actual string in sources)
  maxWidth: 227, // max image's width
  maxHeight: 96, // amx image's height
  minClouds: 20, // minimum amount of clouds
  maxClouds: 30, // maximum amount of clouds
  skyHeight: null, // height of the container element
  wind: false // animate clouds, default is false


Demo Download

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