ms-Dropdown Jquery plugin for convert your dropdown to image dropdown

ms-Dropdown is Jquery plugin. so you can use for convert your dropdown to image is very easy to integrate in your website.Using JavaScript image dropdown You can add an icon OR image with each option. you can use ms-Dropdown existing "select" element.

Feature at glance:

can have an image and description.

  • Fully Skin-able
  • Your original dropdown is safe, so your form post will not be messed.
  • Can be created via JSON object.
  • An image and a description can be inserted with text. Each
  • You may covert all combobox as image combobox, you may convert by id, multiple ids, or by wild card. We'll see that in example.
  • Its possible to repopulate the data. You can also Enabled/Disabled your dropdown. Now with the object control.
  • Almost all events are working.

Image DropDown v3.3 Features

  • Each dropdown can have own properties.
  • W3C Compatible
  • More Organised
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Multiple selection (List)
  • Multiple selection can have checkbox UI
  • Event Chaining
  • Multiple skin on single page
  • CSS sprite for icons.
  • Object Oriented approach
  • Open/Close via object
  • Add/Remove via object
  • Enabled/Disable via object
  • You can set almost all properties via object
  • It's FREE again :)

How to use

You need to add below code in "header".

Now Below code in you Body section


Now You can use Dropdown For Apply Image using data-image

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