Prettier embeds for your YouTubes

Prettier embeds for your YouTubes with easy to use options like fetch the highest resolution preview image available from YouTube, advanced customization of embed options, and optional FitVids support.


  • Choose from one of eight thumbnail sizes
  • Implement programmatically or via HTML5 data- attributes


There are two methods of implementing PrettyEmbed.js - an HTML5 driven method, and a script driven method.

  1. Include jQuery
  2. Include waitForImages
  3. On the document.ready() event, call the plugin

HTML5 Driven Application

Form embeds by attaching the class of .pretty-embed, as well as any other required data-pe-options.

<div class="pretty-embed" data-pe-videoid="aBcDeFg12345" data-pe-fitvids="true"></div>

Call the plugin

$().prettyEmbed({ useFitVids: true });

Script Driven

Create an HTML placeholder, such as this:

<div id="my-video-display"></div>

Call the plugin on the placeholder element:

    videoID: 'aBcDeFg12345',
    previewSize: 'hd',              // use either this option...
    customPreviewImage: '',         // ...or this option

    // Embed controls
    showInfo: false,
    showControls: true,
    loop: false,

    colorScheme: 'dark',
    showRelated: false,

    useFitVids: true

Note that html5 data-pe- attributes will take precedence over the options called programmatically. E.g. data-pe-videoid="aBcDeFg1234" takes precedence over options.videoID: '1234GfEdCbA'.

Also Note that if a particular preview image size is loading a generic gray "three dots" image, YouTube might not have generated a thumbnail in this size. Try a different size.

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