shine js  library for pretty shadows effects

Shine js is JS library for pretty shadows effects. You can use in your text and apply text shadow effects.


  • Dynamic light positions
  • Customizable shadows
  • No library dependencies, AMD compatible
  • Uses text or box shadows based on content
  • Works in browsers that support textShadow or boxShadow and auto-prefixes if necessary

How to install Shine JS?

Include the script

<script src="path/to/shine.min.js"></script>

Instantiate shine.js:

var shine = new Shine(document.getElementById('my-shine-object'));

Change the light position:

window.addEventListener('mousemove', function(event) {
  shine.light.position.x = event.clientX;
  shine.light.position.y = event.clientY;
}, false);

Demo Download

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